What is New in the Latest Version of Webroot Antivirus?

Webroot antivirus is the robust security product which secures your internet connected devices like Mac, Window, PC, Laptop and Android Phones from different type of cyber threat like malware and viruses. It can install and activate in your gadget via www.webroot.com/safe. This software provides updates timely to fix the bugs in your device and protect it from emerging threat. It regularly scans the data to safeguard your gadget from malicious files. It provides amazing features for your devices like identity protection, protection from phishing and ransomware attack etc. It also gives cloud storage facility to its user so that the customer can backup their data easily and can access it anywhere anytime. In this article, you will read about the latest version of Webroot Antivirus.

Additional Features of Webroot Antivirus:

  1. Webroot Wi-Fi Security and VPN:

Webroot provides Wi-Fi Security and VPN tool; in order to make your IP address secure so that you can privately browse the content and it also helps to unblock restricted content. And the Virtual Private Network is created between your device and the website which you are visiting. With this, you can anonymously browse the application or site and you can also access the content which is blocked in your location like geo-restricted streaming services.

  • Improve Your PC Performance:

Webroot improves the system performance, by regularly scanning your device. It blocks all the malicious files which infects your PC and runs in the background and slows down your device.

  • Quick and Full Scan:

Webroot antivirus quickly scans the specific parts of a computer which is infected with malware, rather than scanning the whole computer. It runs for one second and it has a low impact on our device. In quick scan, it CPU usage increased by six percent and the memory usage increased by 11 percent. And in full scan, the CPU usage increases to 70 percent and the usage of memory dropped. The scan improves the PC performance.

  • Identity Shield:

Webroot’s identity shield feature blocks the websites or apps which steal your important data stored in your device such as username, password, credit card information, bank details and other financial information etc. It protects you from the malicious websites. While using Webroot, the user can stay safe online and offline. If you have a secure browser, then Webroot will increase your security.

  • Password Manager:

It gives password manager feature, through which you can create a lengthy, unique and strong password for all your online accounts. Along with generating password, you can store all your passwords in it.

  • Automatic Updates:

In this, you will get updates automatically and you will not receive popup messages which want you to install the latest version of antivirus. It gives you great protection against new viruses and malware.

These are the latest features which you get in the latest version of Webroot antivirus. If the customer need help related to Webroot, then you can visit to the official site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.

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