If You Have Trouble Updating Oculus! How to Fix it with Webroot?

If the users encounters issue like Sorry we are having trouble updating Oculus software. To fix this issue, you should perform a firmware update and check antivirus which might block your connection. In this blog post, the user will read the solution to fix if trouble updating Oculus. You should install the antivirus such as Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe which gives great protection.

Method To Fix If Trouble Updating Oculus:

  1. Log-out From your Software:

 Sometimes, the users having trouble updating Oculus error, so it is advised you should fix it by logging out. You should log out from your Oculus home software, and just wait for few moments and then log back in.For this, you shouldgo to the Friends section, and then tap on the three dots and then choose Sign Out.

2. Perform Firmware Update:

For this, first of all you should connect your headset device and then just make sure it shows up as connected in the Oculus Configuration Utility. After this, you should select Tools and then tap on Advanced, and then choose Update Firmware. If it asks to select a file, then you should select the one which you have prepared for your headset. After this, the firmware will start updating. When the update completes, you should shut down your machine and then restart the Oculus Configuration Utility.

3. Move your Large Files:

Keep in mind the minimum required space is to update Oculus Rift is 9 GB. If in case, the user doesn’t have enough storage space, then they can face the issue such as Sorry we’re having trouble updating Oculus error. If the user wants to free up some space, then they have to delete the large files which they don’t want anymore or they can move them to a different location. Secondly, the user should uninstall the programs which they don’t want to use for anymore. Or they can move their large files to an external hard drive. At last, the user should use Disk Cleanup just to free up extra space.

4. Repair your Software:

You should visit to Oculus setup official page. After this, you should hit on the Download Oculus Rift Software button and then you have to run the downloaded file with Administrator rights. At last, you should click on Repair option.

5. Check your Antivirus and Firewall:

Sometimes, it happens when your antivirus or firewall blocks the connection which causes the issue like Sorry we’re having trouble updating Oculus. In case, your antivirus stops you from updating Oculus software, then you should temporarily disable it or you should switch to a different antivirus. It is advised you should install Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe which offers great protection and speed, and also it does not interfere with your system when you are doing some work.

Through this way, the user can fix the problem if they have trouble updating Oculus software. If the user requires help in installing Webroot antivirus, then they should go to the site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.

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