If Wdsutil.dll is Missing in Window 10, 7! How to Fix It with Webroot?

In some cases, users encounter Wdsutil.dll is missing in Window 10, 7. This error cause various issues like slow boot up, computer freezing, shutdown issues and also sometimes installation fails. To fix this issue, the user must scan their PC for malware with Webroot antivirus software via www.webroot.com/safe . In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Wdsutil.dll is missing in Window 10,7. 

Solutions To Fix If Wdsutil.dll is Missing in Window 10, 7:

1. Run SFC Scan Command:

First of all, you should tap on Win Key + X altogether and then choose Command Prompt (Admin). Now, you need to write the command and then hit on Enter button:  sfc /scannow.

At this point, you should wait till the command is finished.

This issue occurs, when your system files are corrupted. If in case, you can’t run SFC command, then you should use DISM scan. For this, you should begin Command Prompt as administrator. After this, you should write the command and then hit on Enter button:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Now, DISM scan will start on your screen. And it will take about 30 minutes and it is advised you should not interfere with it. When the scan is finished, then check the problem is still there or fixed.

2. Use DLL Fixer:

The user can also fix this issue, by using third-party solution. In order to adjust your system, you should use automated DLL fixing services. For this, the user can use Restoro software which has PC repairing tools and can easily fix this issue on Windows 10 or 7. It also repairs the files which is corrupted or damaged in your PC. If you want to fix your PC issue, you should launch it and then follow instructions in order to start the process.

3. Manually Register wdsutil.dll:

For this, you should hit on Windows Key + X at the same time and then select Command Prompt (Admin) or PowerShell (Admin). After this, you should write the command to unregister the file and then tap on Enter key:

 regsvr32 /u wdsutil.dll

Here, you should write the command to register back your file and then press Enter button:

 regsvr32 /i wdsutil.dll

At the end, you need to close the Command Prompt windows and then restart the program.

4. Update your Computer Drivers:

The customer should tap on Windows Key + X together and then select Device Manager. Now, you should expand the driver category and then right-hit on it and then choose Update driver. At this point, choose Search automatically for updated driver software. At last, you need to Restart the program.

5. Run Full System Scan with Webroot Antivirus:

Sometimes, this error occurs due to malware a infection which is there in your computer. To fix this, you should run a full system scan by using Webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe as this tool will remove all malware from your PC. It will scan your system and then find the malware in your device.

6. Perform System Restore:

To perform system restore, you need to tap on Windows Key + S simultaneously and then type system restore. After this, you should select Create a restore point option from the menu. If the System Properties window opens up on your screen, then choose System Restore. Now, System Restore window will display on your screen and then tap on Next. At this point, you should check the Show more restores point’s option. Here, you need to choose the specific restore point and then tap on Next option. At last, follow the directions to finish the restoration process.

With this above method, you can resolve the issue if Wdsutil.dll is missing on Window 10, 7. For more information about Webroot, then go to www.webroot.com/safe.

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