If PC Reboots After Installing Window 10 How to Fix it with Webroot?

If the user is facing the issue that PC restarts continuously after installing Window, then this issue might be occur because of the antivirus, unwanted automatic updates, and because of hardware etc. So, in this blog you will read the method to fix if PC reboots after installing Window 10. In order to install Webroot antivirus for the security of your device, you should go to www.webroot.com/safe.

Method To Fix If PC Reboots After Installing Window 10:

  • Check Your Antivirus:

Sometimes, this issue occurs because of antivirus as it is not compatible with Window 10. So, you should use Safe Mode and uninstall the antivirus which you are presently using. Keep in mind antivirus tool always leave certain files and registry entries, so you should use removal tool to completely remove antivirus from your device. After this, you should check that the issue is solved or not. If issue is solved, then antivirus is the problem so you should switch to different antivirus. It is highly recommended that you should use Webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe as it blocks all the malicious activity in your device. As it has simple interface, you can install Window updates easily.

  • Prevent your PC from Rebooting:

For this, you should boot your computer system in Safe Mode. Now, you should visit to Search and then write sysdm.cpl and then open it from the results. After this, you should hit on the Advanced tab and then tap on the Settings button which is under Startup and Recovery. At the end, you should uncheck Automatically restart option and then tap on OK button and just reboot your computer system.

  • Fix Master Boot Record:

The user should Restart their PC during the boot till a list of options displays on your screen. After this, you should choose Troubleshoot option, then tap on Advanced options and then choose Command Prompt. At last, you should run the commands:

bootrec /FixMbr

bootrec /FixBoot

bootrec /ScanOs

bootrec /RebuildBcd

  • Run chkdsk Command:

First of all, you should restart your PC during the boot sequence and then begin Command Prompt. After this, you should enter chkdsk /r X:  and you can replace X with the letter which matches with your system partition. This procedure will take 20 minute and also according to the size of your drive.

  • Roll back to Previous Build:

The customer should restart the PC during the boot period till the list of options displays on your screen. After this, you should select Troubleshoot button, then visit to Advanced options. Here, you should choose See more recovery options and then select Go back to the previous build. Next, you should choose the user account and then input the password. At last, you should tap on the Go back to the previous build button and then move further with the instructions on the screen.

Through this way, the user can fix the issue if PC reboots after installing Windows 10. If the customer need help in installing Webroot antivirus, then navigate to the official site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.

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