How You Can Protect Yourself From Water Hole Attack?

Water hole attack is basically a targeted attack in which hackers compromise the website or group of website which are used by some specified customers. The main motive of this attack is to infect your device with malware and also to gain unauthorized access to your valuable data. In order, to secure their device the user should install Webroot antivirus through In this blog, you will read the steps to protect yourself from Water Hole Attack. 

Steps To Protect Yourself from Water Hole Attack:

1. Keep your Computer Secure:

The first thing, the user should do is to keep your computer secure. For the security of your computer and to remain safe and secure, the user should only visit to the secure sites means the URL of the sites begin with HTTPS. You should also keep your software updated and install Webroot antivirus software through in your devices to get rid of cyber threats.

2. Separate Work and Personal Resources:

It is advised the user should keep their work and personal data on different drives. As this will help to organize your valuable information and also keeps your data safe. Following this process, if the user faces a cyber attack, then all their important information will not be compromised as the data is on different drives.

3. Beware of Third-Party Sites:

Third-party sites are basically those sites which are not controlled by a legitimate organization or government. That is why, hackers love to make them. So, if the user clicks on an unsolicited link which is sent through email or via other social media then this will redirect you to a third-party site which is infected with malware.

4. Know Red Flags of Water Hole Attacks:

As you all know that Water hole attacks are complex, but there are many ways through which you can identify if you are targeted or you become a victim of this attack. If the user is getting unsolicited emails from “trusted” sites, if you are getting continuous alerts for software updates, if you view many pop up ads on your screen, if it request to download applications, if you find there is unwanted changes to your browser’s settings, there is lack of storage space and if your computer perform slowly.

5. Monitor the Internet Traffic:

It is very imperative that the user should install Webroot antivirus software in their device via in order to monitor the network traffic. Monitoring the internet traffic is very essential so that the user can identify the sites which are fake or compromised. Webroot Antivirus software will also prevent the cyber threats before it gets installed in your device. It also secures your device from rootkits, ransomware, Trojans, malware and viruses etc. It timely scans your valuable data and overall improves the performance of your device.

By following these steps, the user can protect them from Water Hole Attack. If the user need any information related to the installation of Webroot antivirus, then they should visit to the official site of Webroot via

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