How Webroot helps To Fix Peer Networking Error 1068 on Window 10&11?

Sometimes, customer faces Peer Networking Error 1068 due to which user cannot be able to share files. To fix this issue, you should switch to reliable Webroot antivirus via which will not interfere in device working. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Peer Networking Error 1068 on Window 10&11. 

Method To Fix Peer Networking Error 1068 on Window 10&11:

1. Install Dedicated Antivirus:

Users face this issue which is a network error because of problem with the installed antivirus. As there are some third-party antivirus which interferes with your system and result in this issue. So, to fix the issue you should disable certain antivirus features. If disabling does not help, then uninstall your antivirus. If uninstalling the antivirus fixes the issue, then you should switch to Webroot antivirus via This antivirus will give maximum protection and not interfere with your system.

2. Install Latest Updates:

You should open the Settings app and then visit to the Update & Security section. At the end, you should tap on Check for updates button.

3. Check Peer Networking Services are Running:

The user should tap on Win Key + R altogether and then enter services.msc. and hit on Enter key or OK button. If the Services window opens on your screen, then locate Peer Name Resolution Protocol, Peer Networking Identity Manager, Peer Networking Grouping, and also PNRP Machine Name Publication services and just enable it. For this, you should right-tap on service and then select Enable option from the menu.

4. Delete idstore.sst file:

First, you should visit to the folder:


After this, visit to the AppData folder. In case, this folder is missing, then you should show hidden files. For this, visit to the View tab and then check Hidden items. At this point, visit to the below folder:


When you enter PeerNetworking folder, then you should locate and then remove idstore.sst file. To fix the issue, you can also delete all files from PeerNetworking folder.

5. Edit Registry:

For this, you should tap on Windows Key + R together and then input regedit. After this, visit to the below key in the left side:


At this point, you should find Disabled DWORD in the right side and then double-tap on it. At last, you should ensure the Value data is set to 0 and then hit on OK button to save changes.

6. Delete all files from MachineKeys Directory:

For this, you should visit to


Now, you should delete all files from it. But, the user can also copy it into a safe location for backup. When you delete the files, then restart your system.

7. Change Security Permissions for MachineKeys folder:

First, you should visit to the folder:


After this, you should right-tap on the MachineKeys folder and then select Properties. Now, visit to the Security tab and then tap on Edit. At this point, you should choose Everyone and then check Full control option. At last, you should tap on Apply and OK button to save changes.

For installing Webroot antivirus software, the customer should navigate to

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