How To Troubleshoot Webroot Error Code 1706?

Webroot antivirus is the best security product which can install through This software provides cloud storage and regular updates for the security of the user’s device. But sometimes users face Webroot Error Code 1706. In this published blog, you will read the causes and solution of Webroot error Code 1706.

Causes of Webroot Error Code 1706:

The causes of Webroot Error Code 1706 are invalid login username and password. It also occurs because of invalid email ID and password or Invalid email ID.

Method To Troubleshoot Webroot Error Code 1706:

1: Restart your System:

For this, first the user should close the Webroot wizard and then restart your PC. If you want to restart your Windows computer, then you should tap on Start menu. Now, you should select the Shut Down option which is followed by Restart. When the PC has been restarted, then you should try to login to your Webroot account. Keep in mind the user can successfully logged into their Webroot account if the error is solved. If this solution do not work, then just try the next solution.

2: Reset your Webroot Account Password:

In the Webroot account login page, the user should hit on the Forgot Password command line. After this, you should perform the prompt which is displayed on your computer screen. If it prompts, then you should enter the email id which you have used during the purchase of the product. When you enter it, then it will email the reset password link. Now, you should open the email which you received from Webroot antivirus. At this point, you should tap on the reset password link. Then, you should enter the Captcha correctly. After this, you should enter the security question if it prompts on your computer screen. Next, you should create a new strong password and then just enter it in the provided field if it prompts. Here, you need to Re-enter the new password in order to confirm it. Just tap on the Save button. At last, you should try to sign in to your Webroot account and then check the issue is solved.

3: Reset Internet Settings:

It is advised you should check your internet status because poor or slow internet connection also leads to this error. If you want to fix it, then you should reset your internet connection settings. For this, you should close all applications and the web browsers if they are opened. Now, you should visit to the Internet options list. Then, you should tap on the Advanced tab which is followed by Reset. Here in the confirmation window, you need to tap on the Yes or Continue button. After this, you should wait for the reset process to finish. When it is done, then just checks the Webroot error 1706 is resolved or not.

Through this way, the user can solve Webroot Error Code 1706. If the user needs any help related to Webroot error, then go to Webroot antivirus official site via

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