How To Spot and Protect Yourself From Vishing Scam?

Webroot is the best antivirus available worldwide for the protection of the user and can install through This antivirus provides great protection from different types of cyber crimes such as phishing, rootkits, ransomware and vishing scams etc. In this article, Webroot team gives you the complete information about vishing scam. In this scam, a phone call is designed by hackers so that you share your personal information like financial details, username or password. In Vishing, hackers say to the victim that your account has been compromised and they are from bank and then they will ask you to install software. They do vishing scam, in the form of text, call, email or through direct chat message and pretend to be from the legitimate source. Through Vishing, the main motive of the hacker is to steal the identity or money of the victim and they can attack many people at a time.

What are the Common Vishing Scams?

  1. Compromised Bank Account:

In this hackers will told you that there’s an issue with your account and then they will ask for your login credentials so that they can solve the problem. But you should not give your information and quickly call your financial institution for the enquiry of your account..

2. Loan or Investment offers:

In this, the hackers will call you with loan or investment offers such as the user will earn so much money with limited amount of money. And they will ask you to act immediately because of limited period offer but it is advised you should not fall for it. As legitimate offers are not like this and also don’t force you to act immediately.

3. Mediclaim scam:

Through this, hackers reach to older adults, and try to steal their financial information like Medicare number or bank account details. They try to use the victim’s Medicare benefits and also steal their money. For protection, install Webroot via

Protect Yourself From Vishing:

  1. It is suggested you should join the National Do Not Call Registry. In which, you can add your home or mobile phone number and also tell the telemarketers that you don’t want their phone calls. Here, you can approve only some organizations like charities and political groups.
  2. You can also put your phone on voicemail as it is not necessary to answer each call. After listening to their messages, then you can decide if you want to call back the person or not.
  3. If you find it is a vishing phone call, then just hang up and block the number.
  4. It is highly recommended that if you get automated message and they ask you to press the button, don’t press the buttons or you do not respond to these types of messages.
  5.  If incase, the person gives you a call-back number, it might be a scam, hence it is suggested do not use it. You should search for the company’s phone number or you can call the organization directly.

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