How to Resolve it If Missing Proofing Tools Microsoft Word Error on Window 10?

User, usually face this issue due to the file corruption or incorrect language configuration. In order to fix this issue, you should read the following method. For the security of your device, the customer can install dedicated antivirus in their device i.e. Webroot via

Method to Fix If Missing Proofing Tools Microsoft Word Error on Window 10:

1. Use Stellar Word Repair tool to Repair Word Docs:

The stellar Word Repair tool helps to fix issues with your Word files. This tool can repair the corrupt .doc and .docx files without changing the original text, images, fonts and also hyperlinks. This error basically occurs because of file corruption and this tool repair files which are inaccessible and showing unreadable characters.

2. Manually Change Proofing Language:

You should launch Microsoft Word in your computer system and then just open the document with has the error. After this, you need to press Ctrl + A at the same time in order to select all the text in the document. Now, you have to open the Review tab from the toolbar. Here, you have to hit on the Language drop-down button. At this point, you should visit to Language and then select Set Proofing Language. Next from the new language window, you should choose your preferred language. Then, you have to tap on the Set as Default button if in case, you wish to set the language as default for all the documents. At last, hit on OK option to apply the changes.

3.  Install Proofing Tools 2016:

For this, you should open the Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2016. Now in the download center page, you should choose the language. After this, you should tap on the Download button to move further. Here, you should choose the 32-bit/64-bit version of proofing tools, just according to your OS edition. And then tap on Next button. At last, you need to Run the installer and then follow on-screen steps to install the proofing tools for Office 2016.

4.  Repair Word Installation:

To repair Word Installation, you should hit on the Windows key + R together to open Run box. After this, you need to write control and then tap on OK button. Then in Control Panel, you should navigate to Programs and then tap on Programs and Features. Here from the list of installed apps, you should choose Microsoft Word. Next, you have to tap on Change option and then hit on Yes option if prompted by UAC. At this point, you should choose Quick Repair option and then tap on the Repair button. Then, just wait for the repairing process to finish and then restart Office. If in case, you find the error then you should initiate Online Repair. Just check your computer system is connected to the Internet and then select Online Repair. At last, hit on the Repair button to move further. Keep in mind that the repairing procedure will take time but it will fix all the issues.

Through this way, you can fix Missing Proofing Tools Microsoft Word Error on Window 10. For Installation of Webroot Antivirus, go to

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