How To Remove Webroot Filtering Extension from Chrome?

Webroot antivirus is the security software which provides high class security to your devices and can install through by going to the official website of Webroot via In this blog, you will read the method to remove Webroot Filtering Extension.

Add Webroot Extension to Google Chrome:

If the user wants to add the Webroot extension, then they should first go to the chrome web store. Then from the option of extensions, you need to search for the Web threat shield. The user can also search it through the link and then hit on the option Add to chrome. After this, you will view a pop-up display on your screen and in this you have to confirm the option Add the extension. When you confirm it, you will see a new window opens up in which you need to enter the key code linked with Webroot account and then hit on option of Validating key code. Here, the new window will appear which shows the extension is added and running properly. Through this way, you can easily add the extension to Chrome.

Method to Enable/Disable Webroot Filtering:

If the user wants to enable and disable Webroot Filtering, then you should first close the open windows and then you need to open the webroot agent. When you open the main window of the platform, you need to find the Advanced Settings option. Here, you need to select the option of firewall or web shield. You will view a small box is situated where you can either tick on or uncheck. In order to remove the filter, you should uncheck the box and then the extension will be disabled or removed but if you wants to add it then you should check the box and then the filter will be enabled and you can use it.

With these steps, you can enable or disable Webroot Filtering.

Remove Webroot Extension from Chrome:

Remove Webroot Filtering Extension Through System:

For this, first you have to visit to Start or Settings and then hit on Control Panel option. Now, you should locate the option of programs and features. After this, you should select Removing a program option and then find the application in order to uninstall the software. Now, you should check and then visit to your browser’s extensions. Keep in mind uninstalling the program will remove it from the extensions.

Remove Webroot Filtering Extension Through Google:

For this, you should visit to the Google Chrome menu and then find the Tools option. Here, you will view the option which highlights the extensions. At this point, you need to tap on it and then you will see all the extensions added to your browser. Now, you should hit on the Extension which you want to removed and then hit on the option to Remove it. At last, you should open your Google chrome again and then check the extension as it is removed or not.

With this above process, you can easily remove Webroot Filtering Extension. For help related to Webroot antivirus, you should go to

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