How to Remove wab.exe malware Files with Webroot?

Generally, wab.exe is the file of Window Address Book. But malware coders install viruses in the file and name them wab.exe in order to attract the users so that they download this file in their device. Hence, to remove wab.exe malware files the user should read this blog. To fix this issue, the user should run the dedicated Webroot antivirus through in their gadget.

Method to Remove wab.exe malware files:

  • Scan your PC for Malware with Webroot:

First, the user should run Window Defender in their device which is present by default in Window 10. For this, you should open Windows Security just by hitting on the shield from the taskbar notification area. Now, you have to select Virus & threat protection. Then, you have to select Scan options. At this point, you need to tap on the Windows Defender Offline scan. At last, you need to hit on Scan now and then your PC will restart and it will start the scanning process.

But sometime, Window Defender cannot be able to remove all the viruses from your device. So in this situation, you should use reliable and dedicated antivirus software that is Webroot antivirus via It provides multi-layered protection and privacy protection which is necessary for the security of your device. It gives great protection from internet threat like malware and viruses. It helps to remove the annoying virus and malicious websites or attachments present in your device.

  • Use Cleaning Tool:

It is advised you should use CCleaner Tool, which is the PC Optimization tool. With this tool, the user can locate and remove the programs related to wab.exe process in your PC. For this, first you should download and install the software. After you install, then you should launch the program and then hit on Tools tab. Then in the Uninstall menu, you need to locate the program linked with the wab.exe file and then just tap on uninstall option in order to start the uninstall process. At last, you should hit on the Registry Cleaner and then just scan for issues in order to delete the software which is leftovers by the program.

  • Repair Corrupted File with SFC:

You should tap on the Windows key. Now, you have to write Command Prompt in the search dialogue box. If you view the results display on your screen, then hit on Run as administrator in order to begin the Command Prompt with full privileges. Then in the command prompt window, type the command and tap on Enter:


Here, you should wait for the SFC to run and then follow the directions. After this, you should type this command and just exit after the process:

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Lastly, restart your PC.

  • Task You Should Perform After Deleting wab.exe:
  • After removing wab.exe, you need to install strong Webroot antivirus software in your gadget as it has the blocking malware capabilities and the user can surf the web without the risk of malware infection.
  • Secondly, you should run Window update. For this, you should go to Start, and then type update in the search box and after this, hit on Check for updates to move further. Then in the Windows Update window, you should check for updates and then just install the available updates. When the update is complete, then just restart your Windows PC.

If the customer needs help for installing Webroot antivirus, then you should go to the site via

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