How To Remove Corrupt Battery Alert with Webroot Antivirus?

The user sometimes encounters the Corrupted battery alert which is a clear sign of malware. Hence, you should immediately remove it from your device. This alert attracts the user into installing a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). So, the user must try to remove the threat with the help of Webroot antivirus software through This antivirus will secure your system from malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing alert. It will protect you from malicious websites and applications. It will secure your identity from theft and also provide you cloud storage. It scans the data and monitors the network traffic in order to protect it from malicious attachments. In this blog, you will read about the corrupt battery alert and fix battery scam.

What is Corrupt Battery Alert?

Keep in mind that your device battery can’t get corrupted. It will deplete faster but it can’t get corrupted. It only gets corrupted if there is a malware scam. Your battery gets corrupted, when you click on the pop-up message and think it comes from the system. But this will open your system to malicious hackers and it creates problems for you. It can also result in ransomware attack or your system gets infected with a virus. So, you should install third-party tool like Webroot antivirus which will fix the battery corruption.

How To Fix Corrupt Battery Scam?

1. Use Windows Defender:

For this, you have to open Windows Defender from the taskbar notification area. Then, you have to select Virus & threat protection. Now, you should select Scan options. At this point, you should choose Windows Defender Offline Scan. Here, you should tap on Scan now. At the end, you should restart your PC and the scanning procedure will begin.

2. Use Webroot antivirus:

If you scan your device with Windows Defender but you should keep in mind that it’s not a top security solution as it will sometimes do not remove the malware. So, it is highly recommended that you should use a third-party security solution i.e. Webroot antivirus through as this will remove the PUP and blocks the malicious attachments. It is trusted and reliable security software which is compatible with all the internet connected devices like Mac, Laptop, Computer, Tablets and Android Phones.  In order to protect your device, whenever you view a message that your hardware like battery is corrupted, just avoid it. You should not click on it and also do not download anything in your device.

The above method will help you to remove corrupt battery alert. If the customer need more information related to Webroot Secure Anywhere antivirus solution, then go to the site via

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