How To Get Rid of Yahoo! Powered Tool on Window 10?

If the customer wants to remove Yahoo! Powered Tool in Window 10, then they should install Webroot antivirus software in their device through To fix the issue, you should remove the carrier program and remove the traces from the browsers. In this blog, you will read about the Yahoo! Powered Tool and method to remove it with Webroot.

What is Yahoo Powered?

Yahoo! Powered is basically the Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) which gets install in the background of your device when you are trying to install third-party application. This Yahoo PUP will silently get install without your consent. Hence, you should be careful of freeware applications as it can infect your computer system and you cannot be able to know till it’s too late. When this tool accidentally installed in your PC, then it will start interfere in your browsing experience, change the home address and default search engine on multiple browsers and filled your device with ads. This tool is by nature non-virus, so sometimes antivirus solutions cannot be able to recognize it as a threat. Sometimes, this Yahoo PUP is removed it from the Control Panel but it was present in the browsers.

Method To Remove Yahoo! Powered Tool:

1. Use Webroot Antivirus Tool:

For this, you should download the Webroot antivirus through After this, you should run the tool and then hit on Scan option. The user has to wait till the tool scans your computer system and then choose what to do with the detected programs. At the end, the user should Restart their Computer system. This antivirus tool will removes all the unwanted malware from your PC and stops it to get installed in your device. This can also handle the programs which run in the background like PUPs.

2. Uninstall Carrier Program:

First of all, you have to remove the application from your computer system. First, you should uninstall the Carrier program from your Computer. You can remove the programs and all the linked sub-programs from your device with the help of dedicated uninstaller. You can use IOBit Uninstaller which will wipe your computer and cleans all the program. For this, you need to open the software and then choose the program which you want to remove and also delete the leftover files. With this software, no PUPS will be left behind and your storage capacity will increase. And then you can perform a clean reinstall of the program.

3. Remove Traces from Browsers:

Google Chrome:

You should tap on the 3-dot menu and then open Settings. After this, you should Expand the Advanced settings. At this point, you should Scroll to the bottom and then tap on Reset settings. At last, you should hit on Reset option.

Mozilla Firefox:

For this, you need to open the hamburger menu and then tap on Help. After this, you should select Troubleshooting Information. Here, you should tap on the Refresh Firefox button. At the end, you need to tap on Refresh option.

Microsoft Edge:

The user should open Edge. After this, you should press Ctrl + Shift + Delete altogether. Here, you should check all the boxes and then tap on Clear option. At the end, you should Restart Edge.

If the customer needs assistance in installing Webroot, then they should navigate to the official site of Webroot via

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