How To Fix Window Update Error 80072efe with Webroot?

Sometimes, the user face this Window Update error because of malware infection. So, in order to fix this issue you should run a malware scan in your device with Webroot antivirus software via In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Window could not Search for New Updates.

Method To Fix If Window Could Not Search For New Updates:

1. Run a Malware Scan:

To fix this issue, you should check if the issue is caused due to viruses or other type of malicious attacks. For this, you should run a full malware scan with Webroot antivirus via to remove the malware. It provides an additional layer of protection with which it detects all sorts of threats. In order to run a scan with Webroot, you should open the main window and then tap on the Computer scan button which is in the sidebar and then choose Scan your computer. At last, you should wait for the procedure to finish so that the antivirus removes all threats and just Restart your PC.

2. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter:

For this, you should open the search tool with Windows + S key simultaneously. After this, you need to input the keyword troubleshoot in the search text box. Now, you should tap on Troubleshoot settings just to open Settings. At this point, you should tap on Additional troubleshooters just to open a list of troubleshooters. Here, you should choose Windows Update and then tap on Run the troubleshooter in order to open it. At last, you should follow the troubleshooter’s suggested fixes.

3. Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter:

In order to resolve this issue, you should open the troubleshooter list and then tap on Run the troubleshooter button for Network Adapter.

4. Delete Catroot2 Folder for Windows Update:

The user should press Windows and R keys altogether to launch Run. After this, you should input the command in Run’s Open box and then tap on Enter key:


Now, you should double-hit on Cryptographic Services in order to open the window. Then in the Cryptographic Services window, you should tap on the Stop button. Here, you should tap on Apply and OK button to exit the window. At this point, you should open File Explorer just by tapping on the Windows and E key together. Next, you should go to the folder path in File Explorer:


After this, you should right-tap on the catroot2 folder and then choose Delete option. The user should again open the Cryptographic Services Properties window. You should tap on Start option in order to restart the service and then tap on Apply button. At last, you should hit on OK button to close the window.

5. Clear SoftwareDistribution Folder:

First of all, you should open the Run window. After this, you should type the command in Run:


Now, you should press Ctrl + Shift + Enter key altogether in order to open Command Prompt as an administrator. At this point, you should enter the command just to stop Windows Update service and then tap on Enter key:

net stop wuauserv

Here, you should type the command then tap on Enter key:

net stop bits

Next, you have to open File Explorer’s window and then open this folder:


Then, you should press the Ctrl key just to select all content in the SoftwareDistribution folder. At this point, you should tap on the Delete button in the Home tab. After this, you should again open Command Prompt window. Here, you should Restart Windows Update just by entering the command and then tap on Enter key:

net start wuauserv

At last, you should restart the BITS service and then tap on Enter key after entering this command:

net start bits

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