Before You Download, How to Know the App is Malicious?

When you purchase the mobile phone, it is advised before installing any app you must check that app is legitimate or malicious so that your data and device remains secure. For securing their mobile from internet threat, the user must install Webroot antivirus via In this blog, you will read the steps to spot the malicious apps.

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Steps to Spot the Malicious Apps:

  •  Avoid Third-Party App Stores:

As you all know, that the apps you download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are safe and secure, but the apps you download from the third-party sites are not surely safe. There are some third-party sites which intentionally install malicious apps in your device in order to steal your valuable data to make money. Hence, it is suggested you should avoid third party app stores as they can damage your device and corrupt your data.

  • Do Some Research Before You Download:

Hackers always want that you immediately click on links or download the app without any research. So, it is advised the user must do some research before downloading any app or clicking on any link.  It is highly recommended that the customer must check that the developer of the app has published other apps and you should also read the reviews of the app. Keep in mind that the legitimate app typically has few reviews, but the malicious apps must contain five-star reviews. Secondly, you should also look for the poor grammar in the app description and also in screenshots.

  • Check Out the Strong Recommendation:

Before downloading any app, when you go through the user reviews then you should also check out the recommendation from a trusted source like from publication or from app store editors. If you do quick online search of the app then it will suggest good options and also describe about the app in detail before you download it in your device.

  • Look for on App Permissions:

Another way, through which hackers get the way to get into your device, is though app permissions to access things such as your location, contacts, and photos etc. Hence, it is advised you should pay close attention what the app is asking for the permissions when you’re installing it. Like, if you are installing a simple game wanting and it asks you to access your camera or microphone and then just beware it might be a scam. It is advised you should delete the app and just find a legitimate one.

  • Protect your Mobile Device with Webroot Security Software:

It is suggested before you download any app from the stores and also for the cyber safety, the user must install Webroot security software in their mobile devices through It is very necessary that you install security software in your mobile device like you do in your computers and laptops. Webroot antivirus will secure your device when you install the app from Google Play or Apple’s iOS App Store as it protect your mobile from malware and viruses.

  • Update your Mobile Phones:

When you install Webroot security software in your device, it is suggested that you must update your Mobile operating system. As updates will fix the vulnerabilities in your device and keep your mobile phone safe from emerging threat.

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